The Vet of Enthusiasm - Sweetie (2nd update)

    The Legend of LUST is an adult RPG game in constant development. The game follows the story of Lust, a fervor demon from the 2nd circle of hell. It features a great deal of explicit sexual content, evolving characters, violent turn based combat, various realms that Lust will be able to explore and conquer and much more. It took us over half a year to create this game, we hope that you will enjoy it and that you may consider supporting the ongoing development. This game also offers some Patron only content to display our appreciation for those that do choose to support our work. The game was designed at 1280x900. The version posted here is running at 896x630 (70% size). You may view the full size game on our website where we have the game in 3 alternative sizes/resolutions. This is the 2nd update to the game. The Hottie update. In this update story-line continues and we have a first glimpse at a hidden secret on which many events will be tied. We have motionless a number of petite details and added a few things but, the main introduction featured in the Hottie update is a brand new hump multi scene featuring the demoness Hottie. The animations we created for these scenes are some of the best and most sophisticated animations we have ever produced. We hope that you will enjoy them.
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