Behind the Dune [v 14.3]

    This interesting flash game with supreme flash animation will tell you the story of Paul Atreydis. This game is based upon the movie"Dune" in which the fight is fought inbetween the three factions for the spice. The act of"Dune" happens in the galaxy of the remote future under the rule of this interstellar empire, in which the feudal families possess entire planets. In the deserts of this distant planet Arrakis extract a distinctive chemical -"spice", essential for space flights. Examine the game screen and learn the game items. Talk to Duke Leto. Get the very first job and go on a journey. Obviously, in this flash game, along with adventures, you are waiting for a sensual reward. After completing the missions, you will be able to go to the pub and meet big-titted dolls who need to have sex with you there.
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  • Added: 2018-05-01
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