Just according to the title of this erotic game you will beocme the head of a very special laboratory which is specialized on creating robots that scarcely different from the real humans. Ofcourse this kind of services has found certain demand in lovemaking industry and since you need more currency to continue your developments and to make your robots even nicer you scarcely have any reasons to turn down. Besides, isn't it always fun and exicting to see that your inventions makes people around happier? There will be some quite famous characters among your creations as well which certainly will add even more positive thoughts for all who will recognize them (and who doesn't mind to see his favorite characters from manga porn themed parodies ofcourse).
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Did you ever dreamed to play the adults only variant of the game where you need to take a proper care about your pet? Then most likely you are into slave training genre and correct here we have one of such games to be sure! So as we already said here you will be playnig as a slave trainer and your primary purpose will be to train a ideal romp slave. Ofcourse such task will involve a good deal of routine and some schedule working yet these all are the pieces of this genre. Besides who said that routine that involves lots of dominance romp will likely be boring? Click on the clock to switch the rate of time if you will want to find the results of your practice sooner or slow it down in case you believe that there are one or two important lessons your trainee should get at the moment.

Tags: hentai, master, slavegirl, simulator, slave, trainer, duel master
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Dreams of Desire - Episode 1

"Dreams of Desire" is a visual publication consisting of couple episodes and the very first chapter of this arousing story is available for you to play with here and now. You will be playing as the main character whose life seems not to belong to himself and the fact that he is about to be send at the military school for which he has absolutely no desire is simply prooving it. But lucky event is going to change everything and after he happens to find an old mysterious book he also finds the strategies to affect many areas of his own life as well as the lives of those who surround him. But our fellow is going to use these new and really powerful knowledges? Obviously the reaction for this question is left up to you and the decisions that you will be making via the story!

Tags: big tits, brunette, 3d, anal, milf, blonde, harem
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Fuckerman: Russian vilage

Within this damn interesting and interactive hookup game you will learn how people live in a Russian village. So, the major character of the game is a normal slacker with a big and fat dick. He wakes up at home and wants to fuck. There are many beautiful ladies in the village, but to fuck them you must accomplish the tasks. For example, one of the ladies lost the blue beret - find him and then you can have hookup with this beauty. Another girl needs a milk bucket - try to find him. But avoid the ladies cops. You will be attacked by them and may kill you. Then the game is over. Use the keyboard and mouse to stir and interact with the game. Start your sexual escapade in the Russian village at this time.

Tags: big boobs, big cock, hard fuck, xxx game, porn game, farm
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Whoreizon: TPA Build

This game can be descriped as third-person escapade activity but you need to keep noticed that"escapade" here means not only exploration of loactaions and interactions with unique things you will find but also having bang-out with a number of characters that you will meet. And the fact that thsi game made in utter 3D will not only let you to use familiar control scheme but also to enjoy the most fascinating moments from nearly every point of view! Also it means that it will take some time for this game to upload. This is a special build for the browser version so there won't be any sounds but if you will enjoy this demonstartion you can always support the author so you could get all the bonuses including more content, finer graphics and sounds as well as the story!

Tags: big tits, 3d, adventure, interactive, third person, free camera
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Tattoo Sex Symbols

From this game you will see how good are tattoo symbols are complmenting each other to provide you with ceratin kind of fuck-fest. Ofcourse, you should not take this information too serious as it is simply a agme and made entirley for fun (but it still might to feed up your interest for some individual researching as well). The gameplay idea is plain - all you need to do is too chose two tatto pictures from available list and see how well their combination will be. If they will work then you will see some CG animation where tattooed dude fucks busty girl one way or another. In the event the tattoo symbols taht you pick won't work together then all you need to do is to choose another couple of pictures and test them. There will be a good deal of combinations so may be you may want to try them all!

Tags: hentai, interactive, nudity, vip, tortue, tattoo, ink
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A Day With Paige 1.01

In this depraved interactive hook-up game, we will talk about a youthfull dude who entered this supreme wizard from a reputable university. At this university everyone wears typical miniskirts and stockings. You quickly get clothed and go to college for the next lesson. Turns out this is a lesson. This happens in a forest glade. The instructor provides you an assistant to your youthfull student. You will investigate with her. But this girl is damn nervous. She speaks runs and does not sit still all the time. You need to take care of her until the end of the lessons. Can you take act!? You'll receive sexual rewards. Let's find out how resistant you are to stress right now. You have to do everything that a girl learned courses and passed examinations. Be patient as it's difficult. Let yours begin at this time.

Tags: boobs, adult, sexy
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The UPN v0.2 (demo)

An interactive 3D game based on the Unity engine that tells you the story of a dark and cold basement where a succubus and a demon fuck. So look at the game screen. You see a juicy Succubus. She has 4 Tits. It is interesting. Use the WASD buttons to interact with the camera. Click on the interactive panel to change the game fuck-a-thon scenes. You will see how a black demon Fucks a succubus in a taut culo. And then the succubus hops on a fat weenie like a call girl from purgatory. It is possible to customize the characters to make them to your taste. This game is an interactive lovemaking simulator and may simply appeal to people who believe in demons and satans. So let's not waste time talking, and embark the game right now.

Tags: fantasy, demon, goddess, azula, jerks, grid, Hell
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FMDXD Series - Jade

In this interactive game you'll meet with a fine looking woman with hair that is cool. Her name is Jade, and she or he may be a very well-liked very little thing. Somehow she desires to the depraved creative person. He determined to require photos. Jade undressed and began to cause. On the screen you view Jade in poses. Hold the left button and you're going to be able to see all the poses. Jade can kneel or swank her massive watermelons or a juicy and spherical arse. You'll be able to fancy the view of Jade from all sides. Or even the game has some reasonably secret fuck-fest? You must undoubtedly begin the game to seek out out all its secrets. And if you solve all the secrets, you will be glad. It is also a fuck-fest game, is not it? Thus let's not waste time however let's begin the game without delay.

Tags: big boobs, rape, torture, xxx game, porn game, pain
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